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For years now we have been fixing foundations, crawlspaces, and basements throughout East Tennessee. Whatever the problem is in those areas we have the experience and the products needed to provide the right solution.

The goal of our work is to avoid any unnecessary and costly work down the line, while creating a healthier livings space. You save money up front with our honest work and over the long term with a more energy-efficient home. As an added benefit at the end of our project, you will have additional storage space in your home.

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Basement Waterproofing in Knoxville, TN

There are two main options for most residential foundations: Crawl Space or Concrete “Slab”. Slabs are less common in comparison to Crawl Spaces because their inherent difficulty to build as well as a high cost to do so. Unfortunately, many concrete slabs and basements are constructed without proper moisture mitigation in mind or problems develop as time goes by. Even today contractors and developers are still constructing subpar basements that have moisture problems from day one or soon develop them. Most of the moisture intrusion comes from improper exterior drainage or even leaky plumbing that creates hydrostatic pressure (water pressure) on the walls and floor within the basement. That water works its way through the pores, protrusions, and cracks.

Fortunately, Basement Waterproofing has been scientifically proven to virtually eliminate your moisture problems. The research is resoundingly clear: a fully waterproof and conditioned basement will dramatically promote energy efficiency, a healthier air quality, and comfort in your home—plus it adds additional dry storage and protects your home’s structure.

If you have any of these problem signs, call us for a full professional grade inspection and we can give you guidance on what is best to do next.

Floor Cracks

We know, they are hard to miss and considered a soar eye by many. Cracks in your basement slab also happen to be one of the easiest paths of entry for moisture intrusion. You might not always see the moisture either because it could be coming in already evaporated, increasing the humidity dramatically in you basement and home.


Flooded Stairways
If you’ve ever had flooded basement stairway, there’s a reason for it. As the ground can no longer hold more water due to rising water tables, yours stairwell drain can actually work in reverse. Instead of dispersing water underground (“perking”) it will begin to fill your stairwell and overflow into your basement.


Window Leaks
Windows, similar to stairways, without dispersement and the ability for water to percolate can overflow into the basement. Have you seen visible leaking water coming from the windows in your basement? Or are there obvious water marks from water flowing from your windows in the past?


Wall Cracks & Penetrations
Water takes what path every time? Correct, the path of least resistance. If there are cracks in your walls or penetrations from plumbing, electrical, HVAC… or for what ever reason, that is where it will come in first.


Cold Joint

If one wanted to know the number one culprit to water intrusion into your basement space, that would be the cold joint. When foundation walls, floors, and footers are initially built and installed on most houses, they were done separately from each other creating what is known as a “cold joint”. That joint, or space, beats out wall cracks and penetration for the path of least resistance.


Plumbing Issues
Has you water bill been going up steadily? Or maybe had a sudden spike? This might be hard to believe but leaks in your plumbing could be a contributing factor to your basement moisture problem. Ok, that was meant to be funny, but you might be surprised how often we find this to be the case. We’ll check your plumbing out during our inspection as well.


Standing Water
Is this to obvious? Well, it certainly is a problem sign so we would be remised if we did not mention it. We see standing water and flooded basements more often than you’d think. If this is your current situation or soon to be, call us… a month ago. Seriously. We care about you health and home.


Damp Walls
Cinder block and/or concrete walls look like they are wet or even sweating? Sometimes the paths water takes is not as obvious as cracks, joints, and penetrations. Whether cinder blocks or poured concrete walls, they each are porous. Hydrostatic pressure can greatly add to your moisture problem.


High Humidity
As the humidity levels rise in basements above 50%, moisture condensates on the surfaces, leading to a barrage of problems: mold, wood rot, structural problems, foul odors, higher energy cost, and even health complications. Let us help you avoid these health problems and expensive repairs.



Remove Water
As crazy as it sounds, many companies do not start at the source of where the water is coming from. They simply try to only seal it out. We start by inspecting and addressing the source such as Roof runoff, Downspout correction, exterior french drains, and proper yard drainage. Then we remove all water from the crawl space and lower the humidity to healthy levels so we can properly begin the following stages.

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Mold Removal

We want you breathing clean air, because we actually care about your health. So once all the water is removed and the humidity is to safe levels, only then do we begin our fully encompassing mold remediation process. Starting with the ability to access all the potential mold we remove the current problem causing batt insulation and clean out your crawl space. We then completely remove the now dried mold then apply a mold cleaner that will attack its food source and kill the molds root system.

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Crack Repair

Now that we have the place dried up and cleaned up let’s focus on where the water is entering. We have industrial grade approaches and products for sealing cracks whether that are on the floor or walls. If need be, we even have ways of water proofing the entirety of your basement walls. If cracks are severe enough that water still persists after the outer rim drainage has been installed (not likely and very uncommon) we can additionally install lateral drains from the crack to carry the water to the wall drains.

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Many have many avenues to address drainage but many of those avenues are not designed to be the best for the home owner. That is what we focus on. Not what is going to help our bottom line the most because it was the quickest most profitable solution. Depending on your specific situation depends on the level of drainage needed. Whether that is a baseboard system to relieve hydrostatic pressure or, if severe enough, a full below the slab waterproofing system. Both direct the water to the sump pump.

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Sump Pump
A drainage system does little to no good without a way for all the water to escape. That is why at the lowest point we instal our sump pump systems. They are designed to turn off and on at predetermined points and remove water out of your basement to the exterior, where we made sure the drainage was working properly first.

Side note: When are you at the greatest chance to have flooding in your crawl space? And when are you at the greatest chance of loosing power in your home? That is why we also recommend a battery backup for your sump pump.

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Not needed or desired in every basement waterproofing system, but if your basement struggles regulating temperature, whether to hot or cold, we can help. Just as your home is insulated from the outside world, so too might your basement need to be insulated. We insulate in accordance to building code and Building Science guidelines. Insulating your basement can have a major impact on your energy efficiency and the comfort of your home.

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Alone, a dehumidifier cannot come close to getting the job done of lowering the humidity in ones basement without at least some of the prior steps being implemented first. A dehumidifier is considered the last line of defense and the cherry on top to whole home fortification against humidity, mold, and radon gases. We even connect the drain line from the dehumidifier to the sump pump for zero worry and zero labor removal of the water. Our goal is to control humidity per EPA guidelines to ensure your indoor air quality is not suffering from viruses, bacteria, mold, and dust mites.

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